Water Softeners in Kalispell Montana

Good water is essential to good health and a happy home. We have solutions for all of your household water problems. Our certified water softener technicians can diagnose your water and recommend the best option for your home.

Concerned about hard water?

If you see stains or buildup on your sinks and bathtubs…if you need to use huge amounts of soap to clean dishes or wash your hair…or if your water tastes or smells odd, you more then likely have hard water.

If it is not treated, the minerals in your hard water will cause yellow stains on plumbing fixtures and be deposited as scale, eventually clogging plumbing and shortening the life of appliances like washing machines, water heaters and dishwashers. Scale deposits not only cut down on the efficiency of these appliances, they cost you money, increasing both energy and maintenance bills.

Hard water vs. Conditioned water

Soft water for you and your household.

Whether you have hard municipal water or extremely hard well water, Impression Series® water softeners deliver the clear, soft water you want and need. Its easy-to-read LED screen and user-friendly console allows you to monitor all operating functions. It’s true — nothing will last longer than your first Impression.


  • Removes hardness
  • Softens household water using minimal salt and water
  • Experience cleaner clothes, softer hair, soft towels, residue-free showers, richer lathers and more
  • Soft water prevents mineral buildup and keeps your appliances running smoothly

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